1. 1Students must wear the correct kit / belt and be in smart attire.
  2. 2If sparring all correct safety kit must be worn.
  3. 3The licence form must be filled in correctly.
  4. 4Payment is due on grading or before.
  5. 5Missing 2 weeks training before the grading will automatically cancel it.

Students may be held back from grading due to: Lack of training, commitment, bad attitude or a low standard of technique or etiquette.

Student Licence

Students must obtain a Licence before they can take a grading. The licence is the students own personal insurance, which will cover them in training and competitions. The licence lasts for one year and must be in date for all gradings. Ask an Instructor for an application form or download the licence by clicking the link below.


Belt Ranking

Grade 1 White Belt min 6 lessons
Grade 2 Yellow Belt min 3 months
Grade 3 Orange Belt min 3 months
Grade 4 Green Belt min 3 months
Grade 5 Blue Belt min 3 months
Grade 6 Purple Belt min 4 months
Grade 7 1st Kyu Brown/White Belt min 6 months
Grade 8 2nd Kyu Brown/Red Belt min 3 months
Grade 9 3rd Kyu Brown/Black Belt min 3 months
Grade 10 1st Dan Black Belt 3 years total training
Grade 11 2nd Dan Black Belt 2 years from 1st Dan
Grade 12 3rd Dan Black Belt 3 years from 2nd Dan